Our Role

Our role is asking important questions: Intake & Assessment.

We listen to complaints. We ask about what IS working.

We dispel medical myths and partial truths that keep people from healing and recovery. We also demystify medical terminology regarding diagnosis & prognosis while sharing options for natural, non-pharmaceutical relief.

Our role is to promote a holistic approach

Holistic approach

Holistic health is an approach to wellness that considers the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—rather than just focusing on specific symptoms or illnesses. It aims to achieve optimal well-being by integrating various forms of care, often including natural therapies, lifestyle changes, and emotional well-being.

Sometimes, we need only to listen.


To find your path of healing and rehab you must become a

Health “care” Anarchist
Health “care” Disruptor
Wellness Rebel
Wellbeing Catalyst

Back to Basics: we are the reminder to slow down – simmplify

What can you not do now that you could do before?                                           Remember that a test or image are a Moment in Time.

Western medicine tends to isolate body parts. Holistic medicine works with systems.

You are not your diagnosis.

Nature is slow.  Rehab is boring.

Ours tends to be a “microwave society” that wants immediate results.

As the world of mainstream health doubles down on being a medical industrial complex, we must utilize our Oral Traditions to

  1. pass on truth
  2. dispel myths and
  3. take control of our own health and wellness


Medical industrial complex

The “Medical Industrial Complex” is a network of corporations, healthcare providers, and insurers that dominate Western medicine. From a holistic health perspective, this system prioritizes profit over wellness, often limiting medical freedom. It tends to favor pharmaceuticals and invasive treatments over natural, preventative approaches, constraining doctors to standardized protocols rather than individualized care. This often leaves patients in a cycle of symptom management, rather than addressing root causes for long-term health.


Obviously, the disconnect is multi-factorial.
It is not our focus to change the healthcare system.
What YOU can do
Re-define your expectations
Learn how to work within the system
Find alternatives and supplements to the system

Although we want to make a difference in the world, our own community is a great start.