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Let us be a Tour Guide on(Y)our Journey to Wellness

What is OTHA?

Oral Traditions Healing Arts

We learned from Mentors and Elders

(and University, EMT, Chiropractic School, and literally touching thousands of bodies)

(some of you can too)

Old School Teachings that WORK!

Does this sound familiar?


You have been told your tests and images are “normal” or unremarkable?

You are still experiencing unresolved Back/Body PAIN?

You still suffer with unexplained  Abdominal/Digestive PAIN and Discomfort

Has anyone actually TOUCHED you, examined you?


OTHA can help

Find out NOW what YOU can DO

The Health “Care” system is broken – where is the dis-connect?

          (We are NOT saying Don’t go to the doctor.)

Why People are not experiencing WELL-ness in a “traditional” Insurance-based medical model

          (Hint: Insurance – Doctors – Patients do not have the same goals.)

Why Holistic Health – a Natural approach – should NOT be

“Alternative” medicine

 It’s your body; educate and be PROactive!

Hint: 80% of patient ER/Office visits are Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal in nature.

Painful perhaps, but not Life-Threatening

Leaving 20% as pathological in nature, or best left to MD’s, surgeons, specialists and hospitals

If you feel like you’ve tried everything

Or worse, you are doing nothing

Let us be a Tour Guide on

(Y)our Journey to Wellness



There is a lot of noise around healthcare and wellness. We distill complex information into bitesize useable knowledge.


Hybrid, Online, In-Person learning on your time. It’s your body. Don’t hand it over your to a white coat. Be proactive. 


Let’s build a community of people who are willing to suspend their beliefs for a time so they can reframe their questions and find answers, together.


Some of our Course Topics

Back to Basics 

evergreen classes

Anatomy in a nutshell. Physiology for philosophers. Treat the person NOT the file. Say no to the 6 min office visit.

OTHA Philosophy

Women and Iron Deficiency

what they don’t tell you

Oral iron supplements are not effective. Neither is IV iron. Why? You will not hear this at your office visit or from your dietician, if you even have one.

Tame your Gut Dragons in 90 days

Hybrid-Online-Self Paced

Pain Pressure Bloating Discomfort Multiple surgeries Trauma Injury Childbirth Caesarian birth multiple births…these and more can wreck havoc on your wellbeing. Learn how to manage and heal your gut.


Register Today!

NO ONE cares as much about your PAIN as you do, UNTIL NOW

No matter what you research, read or study

There is one topic that is ALWAYS relevant


Your Rehab Your Wellness

So you can get back to YOUR self


Myth busters

We dispel myths and partial truths that keep people from healing and recovery. We also de-mystify terminology and psychobabble.


Although we focus on body, we have a deep understanding of the connection between mind-body-spirit.

We encourage Self as healer

It is time to reclaim control of our health and wellness. OTHA is a tourguide, not a guru.

Decades of learning and experience

OTHA (Tina & DrScott) have been immersed in holistic health and healing, with a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and body as energy.

15 years of Courtroom WINS!

DrScott speaks fluent anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, MRI, Xray, images, tests, injury, surgery, rehab, treatment, diagnosis, prognosis, Disability %, PI, SSI and more…

Intuition has its place in healing

Tina is an intuitive healer (so is DrScott), not so much as a title, but in practice it has become

“the magic of T with DrScott”.

Membership Benefits


No side hustle here

We’re here for the long haul

Feeling our best takes consistent, even daily adjustments. Sometimes a single event or crisis can throw us off track for weeks.
Maintaining a sense of wellbeing takes

Time:  You get access to OUR expertise so you save time

It takes time to read, to save and to organize information to read later.
Thought:  Back to basics; quiet the noise
How does everything I read and research fit together?
How can I create a cohesive plan for injury rehab/prevention so I can stay on track?
Community Encouragement:  You are not alone

We are social beings no matter how big or small our circle of influence may be.
It helps to hear about people who experience similar pain or progress.
We are human; we crave validation even if only from ourselves.

Repetition = Reinforcement



Why Learn With Us?


60+ years combined personal and professional experience

DrScott knows Rehab


Back pain EXPERT

DrScott is a back pain expert.

DrScott and Tina have personal experience with injury, surgery, multiple childbirth, abdominal adhesions, rehab, healing


We get Back to Basics

Old-School teachings that work!


Mentors & Elders

We learned from mentors and elders, the Art of Healing

* DrScott has treated over 250K spines and bodies

About US

Our Story

We met 30 years ago when Dr Scott had his chiropractic office and Tina co-owned an automotive smog and repair shop. We had our own lives and businesses.

Life changes brought us together in 2013.

While doing some events, we realized that when working together on the same client, a muscle/tendon/ligament would release quicker. It was profound for the client as well. This epiphany evolved into the magic of Tandem Therapeutic Bodywork, 4 Hands 1 Body.

Scott is a walking encyclopedia.

Tina is an intuitive healer.

We are Health “Care” Anarchists

We are not Anti-Medical

We are PRO: Touch the Client – Examine the Patient

We are PRO: Treat the PERSON, not the FILE !

What we’ve found is that many people are not getting resolution in a traditional insurance-based medical model.

It is our goal to help as many people as we can on their Journey to Wellness.